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Improve Your Brand With Digital Marketing

We at Coding Home by designing your digital strategies from “A” to “Z”; we ensure that you get maximum efficiency with minimum expenses.


What does Coding Home do?


By designing your digital strategies from “A” to “Z”, we ensure that you get maximum efficiency with minimum expenditure. And to ensure that we analyze your company’s needs and create customized marketing plans.

We work to achieve the goal we set in consultation with you through multiple digital marketing strategies.

Our professional team will always keeps you up to date through periodic reports that include all the details and results of your marketing campaign.


Why Coding Home?

As in all other business areas, digital marketing requires expertise and competence. Therefore, working with a digital marketing agency is an advantage because of its specialization in this field along with its experience in dealing with all associated platforms and sites.

Also, successful digital marketing agencies allow you to spend your money more accurately by properly managing your investments and increasing your income.

We, at Coding Home, as a leading digital marketing agency, guarantee that we will manage your marketing investment with high expertise and professionalism.


What is Digital Marketing?


Digital Marketing is an essential marketing method that includes many digital marketing disciplines and must be done for every business nowadays.

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Visual Internet Advertising (Display Ads)
  • Re-marketing (Re-marketing or Re-targeting)
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Mobile Advertising or Application Ads
  • E-mail and SMS Marketing.

Different digital marketing methods and strategies should be used for various goals and businesses, the important thing here is to consider the return (ROI) of the investment as a whole.

our services

What We can do for you

Digital Marketing Consultation

We had a detailed discussion with you trying to understand your Business model, your products or services, your targeted locations, and the targeted audience, and based on this information, we suggest your online marketing strategy with a draft plan that should be approved by you before start.

Google ADs Services

Your customers are there on Google searching for something they need. You have to be there and attract them at their decision-making moment. Google Ads platform offers a different solution that will help you stay in front of your customers' eyes during all the stages of sales funnel. We have a great experience creating and managing Google Ads campaigns that achieve the required results with the lowest possible expenses.

Mobile APP Marketing

Do you have an app that does not reach its hit yet? Contact us today and let us make a great campaign for you that will increase the number of downloads, registration and app conversions as well.

Social Media Marketing

So you know that your customers are using social media on a daily basis. They are there on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, or even LinkedIn.
Contact us today and let us present your products/Services on any or all of these platforms to make sure that you are reaching your customers wherever they are.

Performance analysis

The most important thing that distinguishes digital marketing from traditional marketing is the measurement and analysis of performance, as it is not possible to measure your investments in traditional marketing or measure them in a limited way while you can analyze digital marketing activities in real terms and measure all your expenses, where it goes, and determine which ads are more effective.

You can calculate your return on investment, measure the cost of the action (cost per action), and direct your investments accordingly. In addition, you can measure this based on ad channels, ad groups, or even keywords.


You can use your online investments more efficiently by measuring each step and knowing where and on which channel did your customers find you for the first time? How did these customers visit you after that? And from which digital marketing channel did they arrive on your site, right before the purchase stage.

At Coding Home, we help you get all these details in a periodic detailed report that includes all the explanations, analysis, and advice needed for your marketing campaign.

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